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Shown to the left is the main "room" of LearningSquared! V2.0.

From this "room," you may EXIT, get HELP, PLAY or CREATE a game.




  Shown to the right is the pre-play room. From here, you may specify the number of players or teams and load a game.
  Shown to the left is a room that allows you to select up to 6 players or teams for a game.
  Who "controls the board?" The first player up is selected randomly by the computer. Any player that responds correctly controls the board.  If no player responds correctly, the Player Up is again selected randomly.


I'll take Geography for 500!


The player that controls the board gets to pick the next Answer / Question set.

  Each Answer and Each Question are created by you in the Game Editor.  You may include your own font and background colors, images and sound effects.

When the answer is presented, you may select the player that "buzzes" in.


Don't forget to respond in the form of a question!

  LearningSquared! automatically keeps score.  But, you may manually adjust the score if needed.


  The LearningSquared! Game Editor is a unique "What You See Is What You Get" point-and-click interface that makes building your own interactive jeopardy style game easy.

Define your five categories in two rounds.  Click on any of the point buttons to create your Answer / Question set.


  Enter your Answer / Question in the notepad.  Customize font and background color, include your own images and sounds for each A&Q set!


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