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LearningSquared! V2.0 is download and go. No special installation is required.



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Following your purchase, you should have received a special activation code.  This activation code is an ordered series of words that correspond to a series of pictures in the Activation Room of LearningSquared! V2.0.

To get to the Activation Room, from the main screen click on the   button.  After you have activated your software, this button will not be displayed.

To activate LearningSquared! you must click on the images in the same order provided.

If you purchased LearningSquared! V2.0 and did not receive an email with your Activation code, first check your bulk/spam mail box.  Otherwise, send us an email and we will respond with your activation code.








If you are upgrading from Version 1.0, we provide a free V1.0 to V2.x conversion tool so you can use your V1.0 games in Version 2.

Version 2.0 does not overwrite Version 1.0.  The installation process is the same as described above.

Download the Converter.
































Shown below is the main "room" of LearningSquared! V2.0.


To start a game, click the PLAY button.

This will take you to the "Pre-Play Room" shown below.



From here you can select the Number of Players for the game play.  From this "room" you can also load the game to be played.

If you click on the NUMBER OF PLAYERS button, you will be taken to the room shown below.


Click the number button corresponding to the number of players or teams you want for the game you are about to play.  After you have selected the number of players, click DONE.  This will return you to the "PRE-PLAY ROOM."

When you are ready, click PLAY.






Select your number of players or teams, load a game and play!

The objective is to earn the most points by responding correctly. Points can be earned or lost.




Who "controls the board?"

The first player up is selected randomly by the computer. Any player that responds correctly controls the board.  If no player responds correctly, the Player Up is again selected randomly.


I'll take Geography for 500!


The player that controls the board gets to pick the next Answer / Question set.

Click the button that corresponds to the A&Q set selected by the player up.

  Each Answer and Each Question are created by you in the Game Editor.  You may include your own font and background colors, images and sound effects.

When the answer is presented, you may select the player that "buzzes" in.

For example, if player one "buzzes" in, you would click the button.

If no players "buzz" in, you may click on the Presenter button to continue with the A&Q set for learning purposes.


Don't forget to respond in the form of a question!

Click the button for correct or the button for incorrect.

  LearningSquared! automatically keeps score.  But, you may manually adjust the score if needed by clicking the button next to a particular player.

















Introduction – presentation of Game Title, Subtitle and Author.

Categories – Each of the five categories will be presented in order.

Player Up – The first player to “control the board” is selected randomly. 

Game Board - After the Player Up button has been pressed, the Round One Game Board will be presented and the Player Up will select their Answer / Question.

Answer -.  Any player or team may “buzz in” to provide their response (in the form of a question).

Control of the Board - Any player giving a correct response will control the board for the next Answer / Question.  If the Answer / Question is not answered correctly, the next Player Up will be selected randomly.

LearningSquared! - Each round includes one LearningSquared! Answer / Question set.  This is automatically selected randomly and allows the current player to wager up to 500 points more than their current score.  Only the Player Up is allowed to respond to a LearningSquared! Answer / Question set.

Manually Adjust Scores - Scores may be adjusted by clicking the UP/DOWN arrow button on the score board that is presented on the Player Up screen.

Round Two  - will start automatically following the last Answer / Question of Round One. Game flow for Round Two is exactly the same except points are doubled and after the last Answer / Question the winning player or team will be shown.













To create or edit a game, from the main room, click CrlM.

This will open the Game Board Editor as shown below. 

  After you click the CREATE button, you will see the Game Board Edit room as shown below.

Along the bottom is the following menu:

Using this menu, you can go back, Open an existing game to edit, save a game you are working on, define Author and Title using the INFO button, get help and switch between Round One and Round Two Game Board Edit Rooms.

The first step is to define the categories for your room. Click inside the white category fields at the top of each column.  Enter your category.

To define individual Answer / Question sets, click on any of the numbered buttons.  This will allow you to create an Answer / Question for that particular button.

After you click on one of the numbered buttons, you will be taken the the Answer / Question Edit room.




In the Answer / Question Edit Room, click on the notepad in the middle of the screen to enter your Answer or Question.  You will know you are in either the Answer or Question Edit Room by which word (Answer or Question) is underlined.  The image above shows the Answer Edit Room.

To the right of the notepad is a “You Are Here” map to remind you of which round and which Answer / Question you are currently creating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you click the EYEGLASSES, you will be shown your answer or question as it will appear during game play.  To return to the Answer / Question Edit Room from the Preview, simply press any key.

The TALK BUBBLE will show a brief hint about most buttons in the room.

The LEFT ARROW will return you to the Board Edit Room.

Switch between working on Answers and Questions by clicking the wooden sign at the right hand bottom of the screen.

Formatting your Answer / Question:

The buttons to the left of the notepad allow you to attach a picture or sound to your Answer or Question.  The eyeglasses icon will show you a preview of your Answer or Question.

The  button allows you to change the font color for the answer or question.

The  button allows you to change the background color for the answer or question.

The  button will mark an Answer / Question set as done.  This will cause the corresponding button in the board room to appear smaller than for undefined Answer / Question sets.  This will provide you with a visual clue for where you are in terms of building your game.



Player Select (Who is responding)

KeyPad or Numbers 1 - 6
  Correct Right Arrow Key


InCorrect Left Arrow Key
  Full Screen / Windowed Toggle F-4
  Game Information F-1
  Immediate Exit (WILL NOT SAVE) ESC Key






Game Creation





Match Answer / Question difficulty with point value

Responses should be given in the form of a question

Don't forget to save your work!


  Images and Colors









You can include most image types

If you want a single image to fill the screen, make sure the image you use is 800 x 600

Images smaller than 800 x 600 will be tiled to fill the screen - this is useful in creating exciting backgrounds using small (50x50 or so) images.

If you include an image the background color will not be visible.  Any image will be used to cover the entire screen.

Be sure you choose a font color that is visible on your background.







You may include WAV, MP3 or MIDI sound files.

Try including a blank screen with only an audible clue!






Game Runs Slow




Shut down all other applications and restart LearningSquared!

Make sure your screen resolution is 800 x 600 or higher.


  Reactivate Contact




PDF User's Guide  

Compete, Earn Points, Have Fun and Learn!


Copyright 2008 Appalachian Multimedia Corporation